Flat Tyer

Flat Tyre...Don't you just hate that! I'd been driving for a couple of hours, music blasting away the thoughts that had driven me away from all I knew. Well to be perfectly honest, all I knew was what I was running from. Slowly pulled over so I could fix the bow out, my mind running through a semi check list of all I had in the Truck. Did I even have a spare? Wild blind panic hits, what the fuck was I thinking?

I had rushed around in such a mind-numbing state, I mean what the hell was I supposed to do? I'd walk in on my best friend (what a joke), humping my husband! I didn't know who to be more pissed at. Him, we were supposed to be a team, in love, happy or her, I used to tell her everything, share my family, holidays, everything. What was I going to do now? Who can I turn to now? I didn't speak, I couldn't. I ran. From the spare room, grabbed a case and filled it with everything I could find. No way in hell was I stepping back into 'that' room! As I slammed the front door behind me, I paused on the front step, those two fuckers hadn't even left the room, not one of them had the guts to face me, stop me; I burst into tears again.

Gripping the steering wheel screaming I wipe the tears away, undo my belt and open the door. Stepping onto the road and around the truck I see the flat. I square my shoulders and start to look for the jack. Nothing, not a freaking thing, no jack, no iron, I had a tyre, but what good is that if I can't get the flat off. Sliding down the side of the truck, I bring my knees to my chest, wrapping my arms around them, telling myself what now huh? I'm stuck, I have no-one to call, no transport and god only knows where I actually am. I mean I didn't even pay attention, I just drove. As they say, 'god protects, drunks, kids and the dumb'. Resting my forehand against my knees I make myself think...What was that sign, when was the last sign? I get a vague image of a motel sign, or was it a bar? Tears threaten to fall but before I let myself give up I stand up and move to the road side. Maybe a car or truck will pass by and I can ask for help, or a lift.

It wasn't long before I hear the welcome sound, a truck heading towards me, I stick my thumb out and then start to wave as it draws closer. Instantly my head screams at me 'are you nuts, what if it's a serial killer' making my legs tremble with scenes of all the wild scary stories - single lone women hitching rides, all the bad stuff playing in my head like a horror film. I drop my hand and run behind my truck. The big rig drives straight past, he didn't even slow down...Slapping myself I ask, 'Well what did you expect, running for cover, dumb ass'.

As I stand to walk back to the road I see the rig parked up ahead, and a guy walking towards me. Oh, shite, goose bumps cover my bare arms. He's tall, broad shouldered, cap pulled low over his eyes, but I can see brown curls hugging his ears. His legs powerful and those jeans only just seem to be holding together stretched so tight over his thighs. I blush seeing how low they hug his hips. White T under his checked shirt, he looks like every cowboy girls go silly over. Waving his hand "Hi, need help?"

"Um, yeah, I have a flat but no tyre jack" He smiles, why did he have to smile? Removing his sunglasses, I'm hit with the most intoxicating ice blue eyes I've ever seen. Butterflies hit my stomach, I can't keep eye contact, looking at my feet like a silly school girl. What can I possibly be thinking...My ex best friend and husband shagging and here I am eyeing this guy like a dog in heat. Cheeks flushed I look back up as he speaks "I'll get the spare then grab the jack from my truck"

Lying I start to mumble something about calling the auto club but he cuts in "No chance of that, no call reception in these hills, plus the nearest town doesn't have a tow service"

I feel like the biggest fool and just loose it, tears running down my cheeks I just blurt it all out, between rambling, murmuring and crying he gets the whole sorry tale. He steps in, I'm surrounded by solid male warmth, his arms pulling me in, holding me, his lips lightly brush the top of my head. Feeling this warmth, this strangers caress, I break a little more, arms holding him just as tightly as he's holding me. My cries dry to sobs, my sobs to deep breathing, I slowly bring my face up to his. Looking directly into his eyes as his face draws closer, his lips touch mine, passion takes control. His lips feel so soft and warm, his tongue tracing my bottom lip as I slowly open for him, as our tongues meet flames and sparks sear us together. It's like drinking sweet fresh water straight from the spring of life itself.

As a car flies by sweeping the air I pull away "Oh my god, I'm so, so sorry. That shouldn't have happened." Hanging my head to stare at my feet.

He reaches out, hooking his finger under my chin lifting my face to his. "why not?'

"Because I don't know you, I'm married, are you? See I have no idea who you are"

His laugh is light and so masculine, yet warm and soft at the same time. Stepping back a little he pushes his hand forward "I'm Dean, pleased to meet you"

Taking his hand in mine I can't help but smile "Lindy, pleased to meet you"

"Right, now that we've meet, we can be friends and friends help each other...Well, maybe not your friend"

My eyes shoot to his face, but I can't help smiling back. "That's funny" as I punch his arm.

"Ok, you grab the tyre, I'll go get the jack" He starts jogging back to his truck, watching him go I get the perfect view of his ass. Blushing again, give myself a stern warning and start reaching for the tyre. I was trying to pull it free when his arms came around me to help, my breath catches. With his strength, it was much easier to move causing me to lose balance for a moment I slam backwards into his chest, my ass fits perfectly against his groin, a soft moan escapes his lips. Ducking under his arm I make space and let him finish.

He fixes my tyre while I stand by like the typical damsel in distress, I grab the last bit of courage I have "Thank you, by the way, for helping me. I'm not sure you needed to or wanted to hear all my crap but for the tyre thanks. I'm just not sure what I would have done had you not come along. I don't have a lot, but I can pay you"

He stands back up, grabbing his jack and the flat tyre. "You can pay me by having dinner with me"

I was about to protest when he stated two things that changed everything "No, for the record I'm not married or otherwise engaged and from what you've just told me...I don't think you are either"

"No, I guess I'm not, not any more" Looking at the rings on my finger, (before I rationalise with myself), I reach down twist them off and throw them as far as I can. Smiling at him "I'd like that, dinner I mean. Should I follow you?"

Nodding he turns and goes back to his truck, I swing back onto the road and follow him down the road. As we approach the next town he starts to pull off the main road and drives down a dirt one. Butterflies hit me again, had I done the right thing, where is he leading me. We hadn't even gotten to the next town. I was starting to think this was a bad idea, before I turn the wheel around we passed under and through gates of a ranch. He pulls the truck off to the side around the back of the old two-story house. I pull up in front, not sure if I should get out or take off. Looking through the windscreen I see him standing at the corner of the veranda. Damn he looks so fine, slowly trace my lips with my fingers remembering his on mine. As he walks towards me I get out of the truck and meet him at the steps.

Cocking my head, I ask "This yours? I thought you said dinner, as in in town"

"Yeah, I guess I should have said, about dinner. I can fix us something here, but if you'd prefer we can go to town"

"A man who can fix tyres and cook; This I have to see"

I start to make my way towards his front door, I jump with a yelp as his hand connects with my ass. Looking over my shoulder he winks. Had I made a mistake? Am I about to me molested? No-one knows I'm here; Then again, I now have no-one. As we walk inside two things hit me; one - His home is beautiful and two - This feels, right, somehow.

"Your home is fantastic" I express, he looks embarrassed, "Thanks, want a drink or a tour?"

"Can I have both?" Chuckling he heads into the kitchen. "What would you like? Something cold and sweet or a shot of liquid courage?"

I was about to ask, until I caught his smirk, just a quick turn of his upper lip, "Something cold & sweet, please. I don't do beer"

Leaning back into the fridge he grabbed a coke, popping the tab he handed me the can "Now about that tour...This is the kitchen with a wet room through to the back"

He starts walking back to the hall, without moving he looks straight at me "Do you want the full tour, or you look around while I go grab a quick shower?"

She is beautiful, that perfect pink blush is back in her cheeks. When I saw her hand waving I was going to keep going until I saw the flat. But even that isn't what made me pull over; Nope that was her, running for cover behind the truck like a rabbit caught in head lights. Seeing her crumble before me I did the only thing I could think of. Wrapping my arms around to protect her, pulling her into me I let her cry, holding her felt right. Feeling her cling to me I wanted nothing more than to be the one who stopped her pain. That was until I kissed her, even now the memory has my cock twitching to life. No, from that moment it wasn't protection I was thinking about, it was her firm tits, slim waist and knockout ass I wanted to get my hands on. How I wanted her naked beneath me, begging. Yep I sure need that shower, cold I'm thinking. Before she can answer I head for the stairs "You look while I shower, then I'll do dinner" As I head up the stairs I hear a faint Ok.

Watching him take up the stairs I wonder if I did something wrong, but, wow what an ass, encased in those jeans I feel jealousy, shaking my head, really jealous over jeans. I must be losing it. Sitting on the bottom step I recap the day. What am thinking, I wasn't just losing it, I had lost it. All of it! I hear the water running upstairs I know I should leave, get up walk out that door and drive... but, curiosity gets the better of me. I know he said to look around but I'm sure he meant down here, not perve on him in the shower. I look at the photos on the wall as I climb the stairs. All are of him, strange, no family, friends but who took them?

The running shower was getting louder, I could feel the change in temperature, he'd left the door open, did I dare? Did I have the courage? Without thinking my legs walk me towards the bathroom, leaning my hip against the door I watch him. Water caressing his body, the way I want to, tracing every curve, dip and hard muscle. Heat between my legs flames to life. I was right, he is every girls dream, his body is perfect. To engrossed in watching him I didn't even notice he was watching me.

I think I'm dreaming...Is she really there. Seriously, just standing there watching me. Well, well, maybe I can be a little more entertaining; Slowly I turn my back to her, flexing my butt cheeks before I sink into a squat. I swear even above the water cascading down I hear her gasp. Turning around I stand up, stop and watch her watching me. Her lips form the perfect o and oh, how I long to see it wrapped around my shaft. I hold it, one hand slowly stroking it as I think of our places being in reverse.

Is he really doing, oh my god he's huge, he's stroking it! I make my eyes travel up to his face. I freeze, holy shit he's watching me. I flee back down the stairs, his laughter following me, suddenly I stop. Why? Why run, why should I be the one missing out? I turn and walk back up the stairs, back to the bathroom. The water is still running, he's turned back to the wall. I strip and walk right in behind him. Touching his back with my hands I feel him jump. "No, stop, let me" reaching around pressing myself into him I follow his arm down to his hand, trace along his fingers and replace mine where his had been, curled around his shaft. Slowly stroking him up to the tip and down back down to the base. His breathing becomes ragged, short, his hands slap against the tiles. As I continue he seems to swell even bigger, his head tips back, howling as he lets go spraying the wall with streams of cum.

Slowly I let him go, running my hand along his body before once again just laying them on his back. He turns to face me, takes my hands, placing kisses on each tip. He moves so that we've switched places, "My turn"

Pushing me back against the wall, he trails his fingers down my neck across my collar bone and slowly down the side of my breast. I inhale sharply, his fingers continue the trail down, slowly circling the top of my pussy, gently pressing down sliding over the hood between my slit. "Your so wet, so ready...for me?"

Slipping two fingers deep it's my turn to slap the tiles and throw my head back. His fingers find my g-spot and flicker away, my legs turning to jelly, as my pussy clamps around his fingers, milking them as I come. grabbing me around the waist with his lips seeking mine. We pass a fleeting look before I wrap myself around him and force my way into his mouth. I've never been so wanton in my life. I feel, I feel like I've come home.

I think I've died and gone to heaven, this women is amazing, sexy as hell and I'm going to have her. Feeling her come on my fingers drove me crazy, all I want now is to feel those same silky walls of her pussy squeezing my cock dry. I walk us from the shower straight my bed. Laying her down I slowly pull away, watching her, looking at her, all of her. I let me lips do the talking, taking a pink hard nipple into my mouth, sucking slowly at first drawing her moans one by one from open lips. Cupping her pussy, I seek her inner folds, slipping my fingers in once more, thumb drifting over her clit. Trailing kisses where my fingers had been I replace them with my tongue. I taste her, and she tastes so sweet, so pure. Aching badly, I raise up, moving the head of cock to her entrance, slowly I push forward. I want this moment to last forever. That look, as she bites her bottom lip, slowly watching me with eyes half closed. Fuck it, I push forward with a full hard thrust, her eyes fly open, her hips arch up and god damn she's got the hottest, tightest pussy I've ever had.

Feeling him take me, claiming me as he drives into me like a wild animal, wrapping my legs around his waist I pull closer. Sinking teeth into his flesh he pushes forward. Stretching me, I've never been so full, not even...I have a brief thought of my husband, in comparison he was a randy boy just out to please himself, but Dean, Dean I scream his name as I come for the second time. "That's it baby, come for me, show me how good this feels for you"

I can't believe how much, how he's giving me so much pleasure, so much more than I've experienced before. Wrapping myself tighter around him, "Take me, fill me up with your seed, I want to feel you come for me too"

"Sweetheart, I'm going to do this to you every day, twice a day. Come with me, one more time, come with me baby"

Raising his hips, he pushes in for the last time, hitting the back walls of my pussy, he lets go and fills me as I shudder around him, my pussy griping him, milking him as we crash together. Slowly he rolls to the side, pulling me into his arms, my head nestles against his chest. A smile curls my lips as we fall asleep.

Feeling her pulled in close, feels perfect. I hear her drift off to sleep but not before I feel her smiling. What a day, I know hers was shitty, but then again don't we all have bad days. Crappy way to end a marriage though, sleeping with your wife's bestie. From what little I do know of Lindy I'm surprised she didn't stay and punch the shit out of both of them. Pulling her closer I feel her breasts press into me, her leg slips over mine and Oh man, her pussy, so sweet and; Dam it's wet, right up against my leg I feel her. Reaching down I easily slip a finger in, slowly teasing her I hear her moan, I can't help myself, plus a ragging hard on. How the hell am so hard for a third time? I slide over her, easing between her legs I push forward and sink deep. Hearing her moan, accepting and enjoying even in her sleep, I freeze as I hear my name slip from her lips 'Dean, harder, please, take me' That's the best thing I've ever heard. I know she's waking up, her hips moving with mine, legs coming up to wrap around my hips. I find her lips and claim my kiss.

I must be dreaming, but we'd only just gone to sleep. I can feel him moving in me, his smell engulfing me, his warmth protective and comforting. He feels amazing, hot heavy and oh so filling. I wrap myself around him and welcome his kiss. Trailing his lips down my neck I feel little nips his teeth grazing me. He dips his head and claims a nipple, sucking it into his mouth, I arch my back going with him. I let out a cry as he pulls back biting me pulling it with him. The sensation racing straight to my pussy, he continues from one nipple to the other. Lifting my hips, he slaps my ass I feel myself going over the edge, clamping around him begging for more, he slaps me again I come harder than I have before. "You like that don't you? Love feeling me take you to places you've only dreamed about"

I couldn't deny it, I did. I loved it when he smacked me, loved it when he caused me pain as he fed me pleasure. Yes, was all I could say, embarrassment from my past claiming me. He felt my withdrawal, "Look at me".

Taking my head between his hands, "Lindy, I said look at me"

Slowly my eyes meet his "Don't hide from me, ever. I can show you pleasure, so much more then you've ever experienced; Let me do that. Do you trust me?"

Nodding my head as much as I could. "No, use your words. Tell me. Tell me how you want me"

I didn't know what to say, other than..." I want you touching me, kissing me, fucking me!"

"That I can do"

And he did, over and over again.