Collecting you from the airport

I'd greet you at the terminal. Grab your bag and walk you to my car. You'll be wearing a sundress with a plunging neckline. The 'girls' looking amazing and just a glimpse of the new bra. I stow the luggage in the boot. Come round to your side and open the passenger door. We pause. Facing each other. I hug then kiss you. You grab my right hand and slide it down your side. Over your hip and between your thighs. I can feel the warmth and you moan, let out a little moan as I rest my hand on your pussy lips. You're sopping wet now. I slide my left hand along the small of your back and grab your ass and squeeze hard to get a reaction from you. Yu moan louder. I slide my left hand further between your cheeks and my fingers into you. You're breathing heavier and moaning louder as I finger you while rubbing your clit. You're soaking wet now. You reach down and whisper in my ear, eat me, fuck me. I turn you around and bend you over onto the passenger seat, I crouch behind you. I left your dress exposing your beautiful bum to me. Then you slowly spread your lrgs to reveal your magnificent flower. I lean in and kiss your pussy. Kisses all over your pussy and thighs. I start biting your lips. You're getting wetter. I can feel you opening up. I slide my tongue in your hole and taste you. You taste amazing.

I slide my down further down and find your clit. With the tip of my tongue I get under its sheeth and starting circling your clit. Sucking at all the same time. It's getting larger and your moans louder. I expolre your clit with my tip until I find the spot that makes you moan the loudest. I keep licking and flicking and sucking. I stick two fingers inside you and start thrusting. I want you to squirt for me. You're breathing faster and I feel you getting tighter and your legs start to tremble. My que to speed things up and go harder. One long moan and I feel your squirt dripping into my mouth. It tasts sooo sweet. You tremble and push me away from your pussy closing your legs to deny me further access. In a demanding voice you order "fuck me, I want you in me"

I get back up and unbuckle my pants, unzip and pull my jocks down to my knees. Exposing my now thriving cock. I slide it between your cheeks to tease and tantalise you. You're frustrated now so you grab it and guide the tip inside you. You back yourself onto it letting out a moan of relief. I'm finally inside you.